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Tom Hunt is a British composer specialising in creating original music for dressage freestyles. Continuing his work with top dressage riders such as Charlotte Dujardin and Carl Hester, Tom has composed and produced some of the most notable and world renowned freestyles of the past decade, achieving World, Olympic and National records throughout all levels of the Equestrian discipline.


"I have worked with Tom for years now... These relationships are not just about work for hire and the delivery of a service; more so, Tom knows how to work with me and what I look for when going through this process. 


He takes the time to listen to our ideas and thoughts, as well as being so patient with the constant need to make adjustments, so it’s perfect for us and I feel confident to ride to it. 


I love working with Tom on my music. He really understands how to capture the personalities of both horse and rider in the music he creates."

Charlotte Dujardin, CBE

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